The Heart of an Ant

Osien Sibanda

Go to the ant and learn

ISBN 978-0993544651

The Principles and Practice of Giving

Osien Sibanda

Giving is a principle that was established by God for all people to obey. It reflects and demonstrates His loving nature towards people. The motivation of giving should be love and compassion for humanity. The focus of giving is for the benefit of the recipient, not the giver. The concept of giving has been greatly misunderstood in many arenas and has been used as a bait for attracting wealth at the expense of people’s ignorance and desire to prosper. This book will help you rediscover the purpose of giving as God intended.

ISBN 978-0956117502

The God Told Me Syndrome

Osien Sibanda

When someone s introduction to a statement, answer to a question or reason for making a certain decision is, God told me… what should our response be? How do we know that what they are saying is indeed from God? The God told me… or God says… phrase has been grossly misused such that Osien Sibanda describes it as a syndrome. We should not believe what someone says just because they claim God said it. This book will help you to discern when God is really speaking and when He s not.

ISBN 978-0956117526

Count the Cost – Is It Worth It?

Osien Sibanda

Life is a journey consisting of decisions to be made every step of the way. These have a potential to produce positive or negative outcomes. Count the Cost encourages people to weigh out the long-term implications of each and every decision. Some ideas may seem attractive in the short-term, yet in the long run have devastating consequences. Through its many examples, this book exposes the heavy prices paid by those who did not make wise choices. It is basically a call to count the cost before taking any action.

ISBN 978-0956117533

Daughter Arise! Defy Your Limitations and Scale the Utmost Height

Fatima Sibanda

Hey! Daughter of the Most High God, you have what it takes to live a victorious life. You do not have to pay homage to your challenges, insecurities, weaknesses and limitations. God loves you dearly. He is not limited by your limitations, hindered by your hindrances or frustrated by your frustrations. With Him on your side you can rise above any situation designed to hamper your progress. Learn valuable practical principles from the biblical women in this book, be inspired to defy your limitations. Higher ground is waiting for you!

ISBN 978-0956117540

Domestic Abuse - What Every Woman Needs to Know

Lucie Muchina

Domestic abuse remains a global giant and a silent killer affecting families across diverse sections of society. Regrettably the church is not exempt and is indeed a common place where abuse continues to happen under the influence of hermeneutical errors used to silence the victims. Children living in households where domestic abuse is prevalent experience various psychological and emotional challenges. It is the time for the church to wake up and stamp out domestic abuse in their congregations, locally, nationally and globally.

ISBN 978-0992831509

Your Path Is Becoming Brighter

Fatima Sibanda

In this book Fatima Sibanda shows how God can raise up and use people from the most unexpected places in life. She also sheds some light on the plight of immigrants and demonstrates how God can intervene on their behalf. Expounding on the lives of Esther and Joseph, she highlights how the priceless favour of God can open doors that man cannot shut, and shuts doors that no man can open. Practical examples are given to illustrate how the pathway of the righteous becomes brighter and brighter until maximum capacity is reached. This must-read book will empower the reader to keep moving along the path that leads to life and blessedness. It also discusses some of the paths to be avoided, as their destination is death.

ISBN 978-0956117571

The Fragrance of a Godly Woman

Fatima Sibanda

Woman! You are God s special gift to the world. Deposited within you is a unique and valuable fragrance waiting to be released. Regardless of how you started in life, the experiences you have been through or the challenges you may be currently facing, God has great plans for you. Don’t allow anything or anyone to reduce you to something God never intended you to be. This book will equip and empower you to let go of your past, walk in your present and embrace your future. You can rise up and release your godly fragrance!

ISBN 978-0956117502

The Value of Kindness

Osien Sibanda

This book unfolds and explains the virtue of kindness and it’s value across all generations. Using Biblical examples and personal experience, Osien sheds light on the importance of both the development and practice of this timeless virtue. He shows different aspects of kindness and many of the ways they can be demonstrated. It is one of those virtues that benefits both the giver and the recipient. It must be embraced as an integral part of every human relationship. Kindness is worth pursuing!

ISBN 978-0956117564