Men's Retreat 2019
Church Picnic 2019
Youth Retreat 2019
Men Among Men Conference 2019
Legacy Tournament 2019
Woman of Witness 2019
Church Picnic 2018
Legacy Tournament 2018
Celebrating Womanhood 2017: Woman of Wisdom
Daughter Arise Conference SA
International Sunday 2016
Women's Retreat 2016: Rejuvenate
Celebrating Womanhood Conference 2016: Woman of Worship
Crossover Service
International Sunday 2015
Family Church Picnic 2015
Football Match
Evening with Adam Ranney
Family Breakfast
Youth Retreat 2015
Youth Sunday
Celebrating Womanhood 2015: Woman of Worth
Cherish: Couples Valentines Dinner
Carol Service 2014
End Of Year Dinner 2014
International Sunday 2014
Turning Point Conference 2014
The 6th Annual Unity Festival 2014
Ministration In Glasgow
Women's Retreat 2014
Pastor Osien's 50th Thanksgiving and Birthday Celebration
Baptism Service
Bristol 2014 10k Run
4th May - Thanksgiving Service
Invincible Men's Conference 2014
Youth Retreat 2014
Celebrating Womanhood Conference 2014
Baby Dedication - Hope Bullen
2013 Christmas Dinner
Couples Night
Baby Shower
Prayer for the Nations
Churches Together for Bristol
Fundraising Bike Ride
Church Picnic
GHIC Launch