Life Cells

Life Skills

Life Cells are the basic unit of the church, which comprises of members meeting in their locality, community or suburb for Bible study and fellowship. They are run differently from a Sunday service and are a forum where everyone can contribute and ask questions.

Life Cells meet socially once every month for further relationship building in a relaxed and homely setting. People engage in varied activities and also share food and drinks. This is also an outreach opportunity as members invite the unchurched family and friends to the socials.

In addition to this, Life Cells serve the community in a practical way by assisting the elderly in cleaning, cooking, shopping etc. and generally ministering to others in and around their homes whenever they can.

Life Cells are also places of care and support for the members and their loved ones. If there is bereavement and hospitalisation, Life Cells are the first port of call; the same applies to times of celebration of various types of achievement such as passing exams, obtaining driving licenses, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Life Cells meet every Wednesdays from 6.30pm – 7.30pm in designated homes.

Contact our Life Cell Coordinator for more information: Mrs Ogidan

Coordinator: Susan Ogidan

Susan is the Life Cells Co-ordinator at GHIC and has been in this role for the past year. She has served at church in various capacities such as the Adult Sunday School Co-ordinator and stand-in speaker. Prior to that, she was involved extensively in Children’s Ministry in the various countries where she was resident.

She is a graduate of Engineering, holding a B.Eng (Petroleum Engineering) degree from the University of Benin, Nigeria, is a qualified EFL teacher holding a CELTA Certificate from the British Council, Muscat, Oman and currently works as a teacher, after obtaining a PGCE from the University of Aberdeen.

Susan has a passion for teaching and has taught both nationally and internationally. She also has a passion for people to discover more about God. She is married and has three children.