The Team

God’s House International Centre is a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. We are a multi-cultural church that meets in the city centre of Bristol. We are driven not only by our existence and belief in God but by His teachings and commandments. One of these is to advance the Christian faith worldwide by making disciples and teaching them to observe all things as taught by Jesus Christ. We have a number of pastors and leaders who are passionately committed to seeing this fulfilled.


Pastors Osien & Fatima Sibanda

Senior Pastors

Pastor Osien Sibanda is an ordained minister of the Gospel. He is the senior pastor of God’s House International Centre Bristol and planted another branch in Yeovil Sommerset. He is an inspiring, gifted teacher of the Word of God. His experience in working with different denominations and people from various cultural backgrounds has broadened his capacity to work effectively with people. Pastor Osien is a conference speaker and a mentor of men. His passion is to see men taking responsibility in their homes, communities and churches. Pastor Osien was involved in church planting in Southern Africa and has done pastoral work in the UK. He also served as the Chairperson of Agape Husbands for four successive years in Johannesburg, South Africa. He graduated with a Masters degree in Practical Theology from the University of Wales-Bangor. He is the author of The Principles and Practice of Giving, The God Told Me Syndrome, Count the Cost,The Value Of Kindness and The Pursuit Of God: 30 Day Devotional. Pastor Osien is married to Fatima and they are blessed with two lovely daughters, Ayanda and Realeboga.

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Pastor Fatima Sibanda is a dynamic teacher of the Word of God, called to empower women from all walks of life to function effectively in their God-given roles and assignments. She is a graduate of Carmel Bible College in Bristol, UK and a qualified secondary school teacher. She graduated with a Masters degree in Practical Theology through the University of Wales-Bangor. Pastor Fatima has been involved in women’s ministry in Africa and the United Kingdom. She’s also been involved in church planting and she served as Chairperson for the Gracious Women Fellowship International in Johannesburg, South Africa for four successive years. She worked with AIDS-related projects in the community and has done missionary work. She is the founder and Director of Hope For Every Woman, an interdenominational organisation that inspires women to reach their full potential and become everything God ordained for them to be. Pastor Fatima is currently involved in chaplaincy work and church planting. Pastor Fatima is the author of The Fragrance of a Godly Woman, Daughter Arise and Your Path Is Becoming Brighter. All her books are aimed at women of all ages and walks of life.

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Tope Ezobi

Assistant Pastor & Creative Arts Team Leader

Temitope Ezobi is the assistant to the resident pastors of God’s House International Centre, Pastors Osien and Fatima Sibanda. He has worked in various capacities in ministry in the last decade notably with young people, dance group ministries and gospel musicians. This spans from his time in Nigeria until now in Bristol, United Kingdom. He is particularly passionate about using creative means and media to effectively relay and teach the gospel. He is also passionate about working and fostering integration in the community especially through youth empowerment, public health promotion and clinical engagement.

He graduated with a BSc in Cell Biology and Genetics from the University of Lagos. He further earned a Masters degree in Public Health from the University of West England and a postgraduate Degree in Adult Nursing from King’s College London.

He is married to Bisola and they are blessed with two sons and a daughter.

Dr Bisola Ezobi

Pastoral Team and Over 18’s Youth Leader

Dr Bisola Ezobi has served in GHIC in various capacities over the years, including in the Worship and Welfare Teams.

Bisola is happily married to Tope, the Assistant to the Senior Pastor, and they are blessed with two sons and a daughter.

Zack Tondoro

Pastoral Team & Transport Department Leader

Zack serves as a member of the Pastoral Team. He helps with pastoral care, preaching, teaching and pastoral support for church plants. Zack heads the transport ministry and together with Nyasha they head the GHIC Couple’s Ministry.

Zack works in the housing industry and manages a portfolio of around 850 properties. He is studying for a chartered qualification in Planning and Development. Zack played International Rugby for Zimbabwe between 2002 and 2010. He keeps fit by playing tennis and working out. His hobbies include playing musical instruments, particularly the bass and acoustic guitar, playing chess, traveling and spending time with family.

He is married to Nyasha, and they are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Panashe and Hannah.

Nyasha Tondoro

Pastoral Team and Events & Communications Leader

Nyasha is a member of the pastoral team and gives pastoral support to church plants. She is one of the worship leaders in the church. Nyasha has served in several departments in the church including welfare, ushering, accounts and events management. She and her husband also serve in the couple’s ministry. Her personal desire is to empower marriages to fulfil their potential as God intends.

Nyasha is a management accountant by profession. She studied Applied Business Management at Imperial College London and went on to pursue her CIMA qualification through the professional college BPP.

Nyasha is married to Zack, and are blessed with two lovely daughters, Hannah and Panashe.

Jerome Rhodes

Pastoral Team

Jerome helps with pastoral support and care. He also teaches and provides pastoral support for church plants. Jerome Rhodes leads the Bradley Stoke life cell which is hosted in his house. He previously served in the multi-media department and also as the church administrator.

He is actively involved in Invincible Men`s ministry and coaches young people with various life skills. Jerome enjoys playing football and listening to music. Jerome is married to Debbie, and they have two lovely daughters, Juanita and Janelle.

Debbie Rhodes

Pastoral Team, Welcome and Engage

Deborah Rhodes is a member of the pastoral team who heads the Engage department and also serves in the women’s ministry. Deborah, together with her husband Jerome, host the Bradley Stoke life cell in their home.

She holds a Bible college diploma in ministerial training and development. Deborah is a qualified nurse who is also an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist. She loves working with new believers by helping them with proper integration into the church family. Her hobbies are interior decoration and swimming.

Deborah is happily married to Jerome, and they are blessed with two children.

Joseph Khisah

Pastoral Team

Joseph Khisah is a member of the pastoral team who also serves in the men’s ministry, prayer and welfare departments. Joseph, together with his wife Faith, are part of the GHIC Yeovil team.

Joseph holds a diploma certificate in Theology, business studies, ministerial development & leadership. He is passionate about church planting and spiritual welfare of families. His hobbies are footballing, debating and travelling.

Faith is happily married to Joseph Khisa, and they are blessed with three children.

Faith Khisah

Pastoral Team and Children’s Ministry

Faith Khisah is a member of the pastoral team who also serves in the children’s church. Faith, together with her husband Joseph, are part of the GHIC Yeovil team.

Faith holds a diploma certificate in secondary school education, Theology and children’s ministry. She is passionate about welfare of families and children. She desires to see them flourish in all areas of life. Her hobbies are basketball, dancing and singing.

Faith is happily married to Joseph, and they are blessed with three children.


GHIC Yeovil Co-ordinator
Children’s Ministry Dr Irorho Mousah
Men’s Ministry Pastor Osien Sibanda
Women’s Ministry Pastor Fatima Sibanda
Teens Group
Life Cells Co-ordinator Susan Ogidan
Creative Arts & Worship Team Tope Ezobi
Graphics Team Sarah Masengo
Development Department Jon Mousah
Projects/Events & Communication Tope Ezobi, Marian Sow, Susan Ogidan
Evangelism Angelina Kokoumba
Administrator Sean Leask
Engage (welcome & hospitality) Debbie Rhodes
Finance Adebola Adebayo
House Keeping & Maintenance
Prayer & Intercession
Sound & Multimedia Jon Mousah
Transport Zack Tondoro