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Our vision and values.

Home away from home.

To be a church where all people groups are at home and prepare them for heaven, the ultimate home.



We aim to serve one another from the heart as inspired by the loving heart of our heavenly father.



We believe that we are stronger together. We recognise, develop and celebrate the diverse giftings and also value all the intergenerational people groups that make up our church family.



We believe in mentoring as one of the keys in making disciples through equipping and releasing people to function fully in their giftings and encourage them to become mentors of others resulting in us being salt and light in our communities and in the mission field.



We encourage our church family to be eternity minded whilst functioning effectively and successfully in their earthly lives. Our earthly choices and activities have a bearing on whether we make it or not to heaven our ultimate home.

All Hands In

Our strategy.

BRIGHTEN THE CORNER WHERE YOU ARE - making a difference wherever we are through faith and good works.

Our 5 key core values.


Giving due regard to fellow human beings irrespective of culture, gender, faith, or race.


Acting with sincerity, openness, truthfulness, accountability, integrity, and honesty.


Giving of our resources to serve the kingdom of God and mankind.


Commitment to exceptional practices that translates to extra ordinary results.

Family fellowship.

Commitment to value and equip the family as the foundation to the success of every society.

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